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Key questions: What is the difference between public and personal influence? How do we track and measure influence online? How do influencers choose their channel of communication (such as Twitter over Face-to-face)? The gist so far: Devin Gaffney and I wrote about the Multiple Facets of Influence – we looked at political tweeters in Canada. … Continue reading Influence

Young Voters

Key Questions: How do we encourage youth service/civic engagement? How do young people source political information? How do young people like to access political information? Can we match up the online actions of young people (e.g. tweets) with their information preferences? The gist so far: During the 2015 federal election in Canada I helped establish a non-profit organization … Continue reading Young Voters

Humans and bots

Key Questions: Who creates political bots and why? Who follows political bots and why? What makes some bots “successful”? We define success in terms of political impact and power. Can we identify ethical and democratic political uses of artificial intelligence and/or personal data use? The gist so far: Most of the work on political bots … Continue reading Humans and bots

Civic Media Reading Group

Key Questions: How can media (meaning the channels and tools of communication we use) be leveraged to encourage civic participation? What can community organizers, technologists and others learn from academic literature (and vice versa)? How do we develop responsive citizen engagement and consultation strategies/campaigns? The gist so far: We have started a reading group for … Continue reading Civic Media Reading Group