Op-Ed: Liberals’ supporters might not be voters (Ottawa Citizen)

In my first piece for the Ottawa Citizen I analyze Twitter conversations about the Liberal Party of Canada’s leadership race.

‘With registration to vote for the Liberal party’s next leader now closed, the remaining candidates have a new challenge, one the Justin Trudeau camp is already having trouble with…’

Read the full article.

Missing from this article is a detailed description of followers by candidate. This is due to space constraints. Here is a quick table depicting followers using the #LPCldr tag during the first debate:

Candidates' followers during the first LPCldr debate

During the final debate Justin Trudeau maintained the largest engaged following with Martha Hall Findlay coming in second. Joyce Murray seems to be closing in with only a handful fewer followers than Hall Findlay. Support for the three other candidates left in the race remained very limited.

Photograph by: Nathan Denette, THE CANADIAN PRESS - From Ottawa Citizen: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/opinion/op-ed/Liberals+supporters+might+voters/8175846/story.html

Photograph by: Nathan Denette, THE CANADIAN PRESS – From Ottawa Citizen


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